District Advisors – R. W. Bro Brad Gosnell, R. W. Bro. Willard Barnes, R.W. Bro. Reade, V. W. Bro. Alex McLean, R. W. Bro. Doug Reycraft, V.W. Bro Ray Iles

Entered Apprentice – V. W. Bro. Larry Wolfe  

Social Committee –  V. W. Bro.Kevin Spence  

Blood Donors – W.Bro. Don Wadsworth  

Bruce B. Foster Foundation and Masonic Foundation of Ontario –  R.W. Bro. Terry Maynard  

C.H.I.P. Program – W. Bro. Greg Vojvodin

Computer Resources
– R. W. Bro. Darrell McAleece

District Chaplain – W. Bro. Tom Hardie  

District Degree Team – R.W. Bro. Brian Case

Historian/Newsletter – W. Bro. Mark  Schrank

Grand Lodge and District Organist – V. W. Bro. Brian Sloan

District Photographer – W. Bro Tony Drouillard

Distressed and Visiting – V.W. Bro. Robert Johnson

Grand Lodge Regalia – R. W. Bro. Peter Polkinghorne

District Records – V.W. Bro. Robert Wood

Brother to Brother
– V. W. Bro. Keith Dickie

Mentors and Friend to Friend – W. Bro. Ron Carnahan

Cornerstone Project – W. Bro. Wayne Passmore

Masonic Education – V. W. Bro. David Hewitson

Strategic Planning – W. Bro. Brian Cryderman

Condition of Buildings – W. Bro. Adam Wolfe

District Website – W. Bro. Mike Smith  

Chatham District

The Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario