Chatham District

The Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario

2019-2020 RW Bro. Earl Morwood

District Deputy Grand Master

DDGM Message

I was so pleased and honoured to be elected at the District meeting at Grand Lodge to be the representative of the Grand Master in Chatham District for the 2019 2020 year. It was humbling and invigorating to be nominated by VW Bro. Johnson and to have 28 of my brothers participate in the meeting. I will do my best to represent the Grand Master and this district throughout the upcoming year, both within and from outside of the

I want to thank R.W. Bro. Hewitt for his outstanding service to our fraternity over the last two years as your DDGM. Marc visited and nurtured and encouraged the members of the district to be good Masons and for that we are grateful. I was very happy to be with Marc for the year and I greatly enjoyed our fellowship when driving to the various lodges in and out of the District.

Great news that V. Wor. Bro. Brian Sloan was selected as the Grand Organist for the
upcoming Masonic year. Brian is tonight in Hiram Lodge being presented with his regalia
by the Grand Master. Two honours in one evening. Brian is also the district organist and I
look forward to the music and to the singing; so get your voices ready because we are
going to sing this year.

I want to recognize R.W. Bro. David Jacklin for all he has done for the Masonic
Fraternity in Chatham District and within the province of Ontario. While I have been a
member of Chatham District I have always been in awe of David’s charisma and smarts
and his occasional funny moment. David has a lived the good life and we are all better for
having him as a brother and as a friend.

I want to congratulate Kent Lodge for winning the Visitors’ award for the second
consecutive year. Kent Lodge is a shining beacon for the rest of us that reminds us that
visiting is a fine Masonic tradition that cannot be overstated.
Congratulations also to Tecumseh Sydenham for winning the blood donor award for
their efforts of the past year. That too is a very Masonic thing to do when we share the gift of life with others.

The Mason of the Year is Wor. Bro David Bridge. He is a great traveller within the
district. He always has a kind word and an infectious smile. He also has great wild game
meats which he shares. Congratulations David.

I have already been part of two Masonic memorial services and I am always
amazed at how comforting these services are, for us as Masons, and for the families who
in these cases know how much it meant to their father, grandfather and husband to be a
Mason. These services are truly inspiring and uplifting and the memorial service is a big
part of what makes us important citizens within our community.

Finally I want to thank all of our brothers who are District Chairs and Masters and
Wardens of their lodges. It takes time and effort and I hope you have inspired years. I look forward to you attending all of the official visits within the District. Your words and actions will be of great support to your District Deputy and to the lodges throughout the District.
As Masons we have great ceremony and ritual and that makes our fraternity a special place to interact with others and to build better character from within. When all 27 district chairs and 10 masters are in attendance at the 10 official visits, our Lodges can only become better and more joyful places because of our regular attendance during the
upcoming year.